Summit County

Some members of the Summit County Council Wednesday were apprehensive, when they were asked to support an effort, from the Governor’s office, petitioning the U.S. Forest Service to allow a policy, tailored for Utah, to more actively manage the forests.

While the changed policy would ostensibly reduce fire hazards by clearing out deadwood, Council member Roger Armstrong said he’s concerned that it might be “another plank” as he said, in the state’s attempt to take control of federal land.

Autumn Aloft - 2014

The annual Autumn Aloft event will bring nearly two dozen hot air balloons to Park City this weekend. 

The Autumn Aloft launch events will take place at the North 40 Fields on Saturday and Sunday morning, Misha Ross explains the day’s activities.

  Paul Shapiro joins Cool Science Radio. He is the author of Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World. Shapiro is an inductee into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame and served as the vice president of policy engagement for the Humane Society of the United State. He discusees the 'next great scientific revolution,' that is underway -- discovering new ways to create enough food for the world's ever-growing, ever-hungry population. 


  In celebration of NASA's 60th anniversary, professor and space historian, John Logsdon, takes us on a journey from the shore of Florida to the moon and beyond by weaving together documents from NASA's history in The Penguin Book of Outer Space Exploration. He will chart for us the greatest moments in human spaceflight. 

Summit County

The Summit County Council on Wednesday voted unanimously in favor of the Commons at Newpark proposal. They upheld the County Manager’s approval of the project, and turned down an appeal against the Commons.

Council members said they were not enthusiastic about the plan, but it is not specifically prohibited under the Development approval for Newpark.

The developers, Gary Crandall and his sons Matt and Ryan, propose a building over 40 feet high with seven townhomes, located on a site west of the Newpark amphitheater, which the Crandalls also own.

Park City has added details about the status of Assistant Attorney Polly Samuels McLean’s employment.  Melissa Allison has more:

City of Livingston

Livingston, Montana, a small historic town at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, has seen a steady population growth in recent years. That comes after the railroad industry left the town a few decades ago, and more recently, the 2008 crash affected the community.

Livingston’s City Manager, Mike Kardoes has been on the job for about a year and a half. He told KPCW they’re recovering from the times when they saw zero or negative growth.

PCSC Arts Council

The Park City Summit County Arts Council is encouraging residents to experience art in nature.

The Art on the Trails event happens this Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm and takes place on McCloud Creek Trail. PCSC Director of Programs and Engagement Jocelyn Scudder explains the event.

Summit County

The recent City Tour to towns in Montana and Wyoming offered plenty of food for thought. Summit County Manager Tom Fisher offered a few examples in his regular report to KPCW.

Fisher said that after hearing from officials around Bozeman and Gallatin County, in Montana, they felt a little more grateful for the tax system in Utah.

Park City Leadership

Last week, about 70 people on the annual Park City City Tour visited Bozeman and Livingston, Montana and Jackson Hole Wyoming to learn from the problems, and solutions of other communities.

Three members of the Park City Leadership Class 24 visited KPCW on Monday and shared some of their reflections.

On Monday, we talked to three class members—Sam Mueller, a Philanthropy Coordinator with the Park City Community Foundation; Tina Pignatelli, a Labor and Employment Counsel; and Enrique Sanchez, a student at Salt Lake Community College and associate with Bright Futures PC.