The Park City Transit Department is getting a major overhaul and at Thursday’s meeting Transit and Public Works Director Blake Fonnesbeck told council they’re still training the staff, but the public should notice a difference by late fall. Melissa Allison has more:

The KPCW & Cole Sport Back Alley Bash happens this Friday evening. The bash has been a tradition for decades and KPCW’s David Boyle researched the history of the event.

Former KPCW Program Director Don Gomes admits he’s not exactly sure when the Back Alley Bash began, but he does remember that the party was meant to celebrate the end of the radio stations summer pledge drive.

The Park City council agreed to a handful of capital projects it was willing to forego or delay in order to bring down the amount of the open space bond for November’s ballot. But there are many other projects that will go forward as planned.  Melissa Allison has more:

Hosts Nell Larson and Chris Cherniak are joined by author Jana Richman to talk about her new book: Finding Stillness in a Noisy World. In a culture where every voice wants to be heard, Richman's essays asks us to put down our phones, pull out our earbuds and listen to the one "voice" that, many times, matters most - nature.    

Professor John Bailey from Oregon State University's Department of Forest Engineering Resources and Management joins This Green Earth.  The average number of wildfires great than 1,000 acres has roughly doubled since 1980. The conversation surrounds the size, frequency and intensity of western wildfires and the role of climate change on these conditions. 

Is the hunger for far-out religions, fake news and fantasy embedded in our national DNA? Author Kurt Anderson lays out a case for that possibility in his book FANTASYLAND: HOW AMERICA WENT HAYWIRE...A 500 Year History. Here’s Barb Bretz with this month’s book review.

Summit County deputies last week arrested two men, allegedly intoxicated, who were accosting slow-moving semi-truck traffic on Interstate 80, and claiming they were Youtubers.

Deputies responded on August 9th to a call from Parley's Summit. Lt. Andrew Wright said that due to a motorcycle accident, traffic had been narrowed to one lane and it was moving slowly.

They had a report that two males were in the roadway, banging on semi-truck doors or climbing on their trailers.

Park City Fire District

A small patch of burnt brush near Quinn’s Junction is an indication of a fire that was quickly addressed on Friday night by the Park City Fire District.

The fire was near Highway 40, at the off-ramp going down to Highway 248. Park City Battalion Chief Steve Zwirn said at about 7:00 pm, a malfunctioning power pole dropped some material that started the blaze.

He said fortunately there was no wind. Within a few minutes enginges cam from Station 37 at Promontory and Station 31 at Holiday Ranch Loop Road.

The real estate report for the second quarter of 2018 showed some strong indicators for single-family homes, for the Snyderville Basin, and for Wasatch County. 

The President of the Park City Board of Realtors, Todd Anderson, said that sales activity has been steady, despite a lack of inventory.

“Once again we’re still seeing prices rising. we’re still seeing the levels of sales rising at the same time and not so much that it’s pushing prices to unreasonable increases”

He said that the prices for single-family homes have increased by six percent, year after year.

At the beginning of each school year, the Park City Education Foundation asks families to donate a dollar per school day or $180 per student to support their programs that would otherwise be unfunded by the Park City School District. This year, however, the rules have changed just a bit and Melissa Allison tells us how: