Lynn Ware Peek

Producer/ Co-Host

When it comes to Park City meetings and events, as well as education issues for the entire Summit County, Lynn Ware Peek has it covered. She join the station in 2012. Lynn co-hosts two of KPCW’s Public Affairs Hour shows, The Mountain Life ( which she also is the producer) on health and lifestyle on Wednesdays and Cool Science Radio, tackling science and technology  every Thursday. 

Ways to Connect

Dr. Randall Irmis joins Cool Science Radio. Irmis is the Chief Curator and a Curator of Paleontology at the Natural History Museum of Utah, and he had a hand in discovering a new dinosaur right here in Utah in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The announcement was made at a recent unveiling at the Natural History Museum of Utah. This dinosaur, the Akainacephalus johnsoni has a spiky bony armor covering the skull and snout and is about 76 million years old. 


John Wells and Lynn Ware Peek speak with Dr. Joe Schwarcz, the director of the Office for Science and Society at McGill University in Montreal. He’s also the author of 16 bestselling popular science books and he regularly demystifies the chemistry of everyday life.  He speaks about his new book, A Feast of Science: Intriguing Morsels from the Science of Everyday Life.

Dr. Tara Cousineau joins us to talk about how the science of compassion can heal your heart and your world.  Whatever happened to kindness anyway? Cousineau is a social entrepreneur and a clinical psychologist. She joins me to discuss her new book, The Kindness Cure.  Kindness, as it turns out, is a happiness fix and now the science on kindness confirms ancient wisdom. 



Lynn Ware Peek speaks with Erica Tingey, a national champion cyclist, in both road and mountain biking. Tingey is a Park City local and the founder of Women in the Mountains, she joins to talk about bringing her love of mountain biking to women (and even some men!) of all ages and abilities and how she and her coaching staff can help transform your skills. 


Maryguenn Vellinga-Hinz and her husband Luke Hinz are the founders of a new fitness boxing studio in Park City -- Rise Boxing.  Vellinga-Hinz joins to talk about why boxing may be the right sport for you — and certainly how it can sculpt, strengthen and improve your agility.


Joining Cool Science Radio from NASA Goddard Space Center is Dr. Eric Christian, the Deputy Principal Investigator for the instrumentation package that will be on the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft that will launch in early August. The Parker Solar Probe Mission will fly closer to the Sun than any human-made object has ever gone. A mission 60 years in the making, Parker Solar Probe will make an historic journey to the sun's corona, a region of the solar atmosphere.

Cool Science Radio speaks with Bill Andrews, Senior Associate Editor for Discover Magazine. Discover’s July/August issue features a section titled, "Everything Worth Knowing," and covers a broad range of topics about the Giza pyramids, clouds, personality, the Milky Way, mass extinctions, the science of music, octopuses, autonomous cars and more.

Heather Darling, a nurse practioner who practices functional medicine at the Livewell Center at the Park City Hospital joins The Mountain Life. Darling is one of very few certified practitioners in the state of Utah and she talks about what functional medicine is and what it can do for you. 



Nikki Glandon of the new Oak and Willow Yoga Studio will talk about her new facility located between Park City and Kamas. Glandon says strong roots make it easier to bend (without snapping!). She also partners with Wild Women Tribe for a day retreat on July 28.