Coalville Bans Fireworks For Rest Of July

Jul 10, 2018

The Coalville City Council voted unanimously for a resolution that bans personal fireworks for the rest of July. In doing so, they decided not to allow firecrackers fro the one traditional holiday still left in the month.

Coalville had prohibited fireworks for its residents, but allowed them on the Fourth of July and the 24th, Pioneer Day.

With Utah, and other parts of the West plagued by wildfires, Mayor Trevor Johnson asked his council if they favored a complete ban.

County member Tyler Rowser is also the spokesman for the North Summit Fire District. He noted that just the day before, on Sunday, they had responded to a brushfire near Henefer.

“Wind conditions don’t always dictate what fire behavior’s going to be. We are in extremely dry conditions right now.” Rowser said “Had the fire (on Sunday), jumped East Henefer road. We’d have evacuations down there. We’d have had a catastrophe on our hands.”

“Some of the grasses look green but they’re not that green, there’s no moisture to them. The winds we’ve been having have dried everything out.” Rowser continued “I think it is especially prudent for Coalville city to ban these right now, because we did not opt in to the fire insurance. If we get a start right now, within Coalville city limits guess who’s on the hook for paying for it?”

Though he did not have a vote, City Attorney, Sheldon Smith said the ban just makes sense.

“It’s just common sense. I saw a few fireworks going off on the 4th and I looked and thought you’d have to be an idiot, and I hope none of you did it. You’d have to be an idiot to be sending fire up in the sky, when it’s so dry.”