This Green Earth - October 17, 2017

Oct 17, 2017

Last week, the EPA announced they would be repealing the Clean Power Plan, an effort put forth by the Obama administration to reduce U.S. electricity generation using fossil fuels. Chris and Nell’s first guest is Jon Goldin Dubois, president of Western Recourses Advocates, an environmental non-profit.  He shares his thoughts on why this repeal is such a bad idea, not just for the environment and our climate, but for economic reasons as well. Then, in the second half of the program, Tom Moyer, a local Park City resident and member of the Citizens Climate Lobby is in studio.  Citizens Climate Lobby helped host two Sunday night events at Temple Har Shalom.  Tom helps summarize the take-aways from each event and discusses some of the interesting questions and comments raised by the audience Sunday night.