Los Lonely Boys Music Shaped By Culture, Family

Jul 2, 2018

Members of Los Lonely Boys, The band plays July 3 at Quinn's Junction, as part of the St. Regis Big Stars, Bright Nights concert series.
Credit Courtesy Los Lonely Boys

The Park City Institute’s “Big Stars, Bright Nights” series kicks-off Tuesday at a new location. The opening act is three brothers who call themselves “Los Lonely Boys.”

The band plays at the Quinn’s Junction Sports Complex on Tuesday, July 3rd, at 6:00 pm.

Last week, we talked to JoJo Garza. JoJo sings and plays bass guitar in the band with brothers Ringo and Henry.

The band has been called “Texican rock n roll”, and we asked JoJo to describe what they present.

“I would say that it’s music for all people, and all occasions, all ages, it doesn’t matter. It’s music for every single body, even your animal.”

Depending on the region of the country, their style has been called “Chicano rock” or “Latino rock.” We asked him if he sees a difference.

“There is the Spanish or European or rather the come from (Europe). You could tie Latino’s into that group of people. Chicano’s and Hispanico’s are basically (…) the mixing of the Spaniard blood along with Mexican, Mexican-American or even Native American blood.” Jo Jo Garza explained “It’s basically some root ties to Mexican or Spaniard sort of ethnicity. “

“Basically, when people call is Chicano rock, or they call us Latino rock or Spanish rock, Mexican rock (…) It’s basically the blending of the languages over the centuries”

Garza said their father was the inspiration for the band.

“It was everything that he did, that he taught us about himself when he was growing up as a young boy. (…) And then playing in (…) a band with his brothers and then having a couple of bands after that.” Garza said of his father’s background.

“He’s actually the founder of Los Lonely boys. Because, we were basically his band as we started being able to play more, Henry became the lead guitarist, my dad was still strumming the rhythm guitar and writing lyrics and singing. We all became background vocalists at the time Ringo was still playing the drums I play(ed) the bass”

He added that their mother is also a talented singer and also comes from a musical family.

Tickets for Los Lonely Boys start at $49. For more information, you can go online to “parkcityinstitute.org” or call the box office at 655—3114.