Oakley Supports Transit Tax, Despite Hesitation

Jul 5, 2018

Oakley City Hall
Credit Courtesy Oakley City Website

Oakley Mayor Wade Woolstenhulme notes that his City Council supported Summit County’s new transit taxes. The council was a little apprehensive, given all the other proposals pending for new taxes.

Mayor Woolstenhulme explained why his Council supported the new taxes.

“If you look at the tax itself, (…) it’s going to have very minimal impact on the pocketbook of the average citizen. We felt that the benefits that we would gain by increased funding to help keep our roads and streets in better shape was worth it. We did have a little bit of hesitance in supporting it. Just for the mere fact of all the entities in government right now that are trying to go for Truth in Taxation right now with the school districts and bonds and things that are going on, with the new tax for education that they’re trying to pass, the ten-cent tax on gas. All of it is needed, but all of it at once, kinda seems overwhelming, so we’re just hoping we can get through it.”

He said they’d like the county’s transit improvements to connect to Oakley.

“Right now, they have a bus that goes to Kamas, and takes people to Park City and back. We did ask them, at what point will that make a loop through Oakley and back?” Mayor Woolstenhulme said “they said that is in the General Plan, but probably isn’t going to happen for a few years.”