Park City Begins Annual Flushing Of Water Mains

Nov 8, 2018

Clay Glazier, Park City Water District

Park City municipal is letting its residents know that if their water seems a little discolored it’s just because they’re doing annual flushing.

Park city water crews will be flushing water mains to enhance water quality by removing loose particles from the water mains. The annual flushing is an essential practice that the city conducts during shoulder seasons.

The city reports that parts of town may experience a light-brown discoloration in their water. If the discoloration occurs, they suggest you wait a half hour and run cold water until the water is clear and then for an additional five minutes.

The city says that due to the large volumes of water that will be used the department attempts to conduct the flushing during low-demand seasons. They report that you may see water running down gutters into storm drains and that pooling might also occur in parts of town. Water crews will be on hand to prevent interruptions to traffic and mitigate environmental impacts.

The flushing takes place Tuesday-Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and will conclude once freezing conditions stop progress.