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From the discovery of new dinosaurs to the science of an avalanche.

From the secret technology behind Facebook, to nanotechnology.

Deciphering science and technology in an entertaining, amusing and accessible way.

If we can understand it, so can you. 

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  Katy Wang, the Executive Director of the  Park City Film Series, joins the show. On Thursday, September 27, the Film Series  will screen the film, "The Most Unknown," a film that has scientists from various disciplines explaining their work to each other. It is part of their STEM educational series. A panel made up of  scientists and science educators will meet after the screening to talk about how to get kids excited about science.


 Marcia Bartusiak, a professor of science writing at MIT, joins Cool Science Radio. She discusses her new book,  Dispatches from Planet 3:  32 Brief Tales on the Solar System, the Milky Way and Beyond. In 32 concise and fascinating essays, the author provides a deeper understanding of the nature of the universe and those who strive to uncover its mysteries.




 Cool Science Radio speaks with Sharon Anderson Morris,  the programs director for Strategic News Service, the Future in Review (FiRe) events and the managing director of FiReFilms, supporting world-changing documentaries to create positive global awareness and change. The Future in Review conference will be at the Stein Eriksen Lodge, October 9-12, 2018.


  Paul Shapiro joins Cool Science Radio. He is the author of Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World. Shapiro is an inductee into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame and served as the vice president of policy engagement for the Humane Society of the United State. He discusees the 'next great scientific revolution,' that is underway -- discovering new ways to create enough food for the world's ever-growing, ever-hungry population. 


  In celebration of NASA's 60th anniversary, professor and space historian, John Logsdon, takes us on a journey from the shore of Florida to the moon and beyond by weaving together documents from NASA's history in The Penguin Book of Outer Space Exploration. He will chart for us the greatest moments in human spaceflight. 

Cool Science Radio's interview with Thor Hanson who has written Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees. In Buzz, he looks beyond the frenzied debates about dwindling bee populations to explore where bees come from and what makes them so remarkable. The story begins 125 million years ago, when a wasp first dared to feed pollen to its young. Bees helped spark an agricultural revolution, and have been crucial to advances in everything from medicine to industry, neuroscience to architecture.

Cool Science Radio's Interview with Radha Agrawal who has written Belong...find your people, create community and live a more connected life. The great paradox of the digital age is this: the internet connects us to millions of people, yet we feel more isolated than ever, 1 in 4 Americans says that they have zero friends to confide in. This is our conversation with Radha who has extensively field tested her ideas on how to build community with people you can connect with.

 Neuroscientist Dr. Dean Burnett joins the show to talk about the science behind what makes us happy. The implicit drive to find happiness is behind almost everything we do - whether it’s finding a job, falling in love, starting a family, or watching television. Burnett explores this science in an accessible, compelling, and entertaining manner in his book, Happy Brain: Where Happiness Comes From, and Why.


John and Lynn speak with Paul Corson, Director of Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah’s TVC (Technology and Venture Commercialization). The University of Utah’s Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization helps bring inventions to market -  they help turn ideas into more than just ideas. The Center does a lot of matchmaking—connecting executives to companies to help run them, connecting inventions with licensees, connecting companies to funding.

Cool Science Radio and Intermountain Park City Hospital join forces for day #4 of the KPCW Summer Pledge Drive. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Taylor Hanton and Communications specialist Jenny Jones join the show to talk about the hospital's  level of service including a Tele NICU (newborn intensive care unit). Guest co-host Tim Henney joins Lynn Ware Peek to ask for your support of KPCW.