Brady Chavez

The Morning Mix - April 21, 2017

Apr 21, 2017

Today’s musical guest is Mister Sister.  Members of the group, Nina Oyler, Dan Hall and Brady Chavez, perform live in studio. John and Christie’s second guests are Jen Billow and  Wendy Kohn, bringing us up to date on Running With Ed.  Final guest today is Renee Huang talking about the Deer Valley Music Festival.

Morning Mix - November 3, 2015

Nov 13, 2015

  Today John Wells and guest   co-host Christie Dilloway are celebrating the 60th Morning Mix program with musical guests Dan Hall, Brady Chavez and Nina Oyler of the group Mister Sister. In segment two of the show Jenny Hardman, Jen Smith, June Robinson, Erin Robinson and Christie Dilloway – hosts of the Main Street Music Crawl talk about the event this weekend.  The final guests of the hour are Jane Patton and Ann Johnson of Peace House bringing us up to date about Bling Fling.