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Park City Leadership

Last week, about 70 people on the annual Park City City Tour visited Bozeman and Livingston, Montana and Jackson Hole Wyoming to learn from the problems, and solutions of other communities.

Three members of the Park City Leadership Class 24 visited KPCW on Monday and shared some of their reflections.

On Monday, we talked to three class members—Sam Mueller, a Philanthropy Coordinator with the Park City Community Foundation; Tina Pignatelli, a Labor and Employment Counsel; and Enrique Sanchez, a student at Salt Lake Community College and associate with Bright Futures PC.

Town of Jackson, Wyoming

The City tour group which traveled to Jackson Hole last week heard about some of that town's transit solutions--including a long-range transit shuttle, and a bike-share system.

Many of Jackson's employees travel a long distance to work. Transit director Darren Brugman said to cut down on commuter traffic, the city responded with a bus service that picks up workers as much as 50 miles south of town, in the locale of Etna.

There are some workers driving to that depot, from 20 miles further south, in Afton, Wyoming.

Town of Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, which was visited by the City Tour group last week, is similar to Park City, since it also has a housing problem and a large Hispanic work population.

The town's Director of Affordable Housing, April Norton, talked about their proposed solutions, a protest at the Town Hall, and some bad close encounters with ICE.

Norton said Jackson has to reach out and provide services to a growing non-white population.

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah (PPAU) is bringing a new teen program to Park City on September 15. It addresses research that shows high rates of teen pregnancy and STD’s in LGBTQ youth. Sex Education in the schools and communities does not include this group of young people. PPAU has a new curriculum to address the disparity. Carolyn Murray has this:

Melissa Allison

Artist Emily Herr was awarded the $40,000 public art contract with Park City to create four murals in the China Bridge parking. Only a few members of the public showed on Saturday to help paint the mural. Even so, things went faster than anticipated. Melissa Allison tells us its not too late to get involved:

John Cunniff / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Today is the 17-year anniversary of the terror attacks on the U.S. now known as 9/11. Park City High School students were able to hear from a NYPD first responder who was at the world trade center that day.

Park City resident Scott Zink spent nearly three hours telling two groups of Park City High students his story as a member of the New York Police Departments Emergency Service Unit on September 11, 2001. Zink had just finished a shift and was just about to go home when he heard news that a plane had struck the north tower.

About 500 people showed up Saturday for the third annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s in the Wasatch Back. It’s their first time at the Basin Rec and Melissa Allison said, it was a sea of purple:

Last week's Park City Tour traveled to Bozeman, Montana, which is located in Gallatin's three-member Commission said overall their citizens are concerned about growth, like many other areas. But the unincorporated county still has a lot of rural character.

Commission Chairman Steve White told KPCW that most of their growth occurs within their five cities.

Melissa Allison

The Christian Center of Park City started plans for a renovation and expansion in 2014. On Saturday, they had their ribbon cutting ceremony for the upgraded facility that was paid solely from donations. Melissa Allison has more:


Park City Leadership Class 24, Park City Council, staff and most of the Summit County Council returned from a 5-day trip to Montana and Wyoming for the annual City Tour. Melissa Allison finds out what they’ve found in towns north of Utah: