Rep. Tim Quinn

Medical Marijuana Ad Reported To State Election Office

Sep 7, 2018
Utah State

It’s September and election season is here. There are several ballot initiatives this election cycle and Proposition 2, the legalization of Medical Cannabis, is getting a lot of media attention. Recently, The Utah Patients Coalition submitted a formal complaint to the Lieutenant Governor’s office claiming the opposition group’s advertising was illegal and deliberately spreading mis-information about the Proposition 2.  Carolyn Murray has this report: 


The Dining Club liquor license is going away and the new law requiring restaurants to declare they are a bar or a restaurant takes effect on July 1.  Legislators have told KPCW they realize some Park City businesses will have difficulty meeting the new requirements. Carolyn Murray has this:

Utah House Representative, Tim Quinn

After some tough lobbying on Park City's behalf by Rep. Tim Quinn (R-District 54), the Utah House of Representatives Thursday overwhelmingly voted down a bill that would have outlawed Park City's plastic bag ban.  Leslie Thatcher tells the story:

Lawmakers Don't Like Ballot Measures Despite Popularity

Feb 16, 2018

Utah is likely to have six measures on November’s ballot.  Based on polls, several have solid voter support.  The Summit County GOP and Democratic Party chairs shared their observations with KPCW about how lawmakers and constituents are responding to this year’s ballot initiatives.    Carolyn Murray has this:

KPCW heard recently from a representative of Our Schools Now which is backing an initiative to boost education funding in Utah. In reaction to that, however, Rep, Tim Quinn (R) said he's wary of the proposal that would mess too much with the state's income taxes. Rick Brough has more.

Park City's representatives in the Utah House says he's introducing a bill to modify the governmental practice of taking land for public purpose - what's called eminent domains. Rick Brough has more.

On today’s program, Leslie Thatcher speaks to Summit County Council member Roger Armstrong to discuss yesterday’s meeting. Utah Rep. Tim Quinn discusses the new legislative session and Sundance Senior Programmer Caroline Libresco discusses this year's festival.