Wasatch County

Wasatch County

Rocky Mountain Power Company and the municipal power company, Heber Light and Power, are evaluating the feasibility of burying new high power lines through the Heber Valley. The community has expressed opposition to the original plan which would run the 100 foot power poles through sensitive view corridors. Rocky Mountain Power would pay for the costs of installing above ground lines but the Heber Valley Community would have to pay for the difference in costs to bury them.   Carolyn Murray has this:

Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands

The Dollar Ridge fire has been burning the entire month of July. The fire started near Strawberry Reservoir in Wasatch County and moved into Duchesne county causing evacuations in both counties.

Now the wildfire is nearly wrapped up. The fire is 93% contained and just over 300 personnel are working towards an estimated July 25th containment day.

Wasatch County has decreased their lone remaining evacuation zone to a pre-evacuation level. Duchesne County is also removing pre-evacuation status from several areas.

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After an investigation fire officials have determined the cause of the Deer Creek fire.

The Deer Creek fire started on Wednesday July 11, when sparks from a Heber Valley train caused flames to race up the hillside near the Deer Creek dam and burn 381 acres. A heavy rainstorm stopped the progress of the flames just a few hours later. Fire officials worked to put the flames out a few days later on the 16th.

KPCW spoke with Mark Nelson the executive director with Heber Valley Railroad. Nelson said the flames were a result of a ‘perfect storm’ of bad conditions.

Utah Division Of Forestry Fire State Lands

After blazing for more than two weeks, the Dollar Ridge fire near Duchesne is reported to be at 85% containment.

Utah fire authorities report the fire, which was human caused and started July 1st, has burned over 56,700 acres.

Rain over the past few days caused the fire to greatly decrease and there has been very minimal fire growth.

The state reports that day crews will continue to provide protection for structures, secure fire lines and attack the south side of the fire.

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The Wasatch County Council met last week on a couple of water issues along with a discussion about the Highway 40 corridor management plan. Planning efforts are underway to build a bypass route around Heber City and the County Council wanted to be sure Heber municipal is on board with the overall management plan.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Southfield Station Heber Essential Worker Housing

Mountainlands Community Housing Trust celebrates 25 years of building affordable housing in Summit and Wasatch Counties. They have a few developments in Wasatch County, a project in the town of Francis in Summit County and agreements for a project in Silver Creek. Carolyn Murray has this:

Scott Loomis has been the Director of the Mountainlands Community Housing Trust since 2001.  They’ve built over 200 homes and about 250 apartments since he’s been there.  

Hideout and its 900 residents celebrated their 10th anniversary last Saturday. KPCW sat down with Hideout Mayor Phillip Rubin to talk about the town.

In 2008, state legislation sponsored by Summit County Representative Mel Brown opened a window for small communities to become municipalities, one town that took advantage of the opportunity was Hideout, Utah. Hideout’s Mayor Phillip Rubin says the timing was great for the town.

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Deer Creek Fire has burned 381 acres and is 20% contained.

The fire is located south of the Deer Creek Dam up Provo Canyon.

Public Information Officer Leann Fox says the fire started around noon on Wednesday and raced up the hill side.

“It was driven by weather and terrain, they got air resources on it very quickly. Then later some thunder clouds moved in and put quite a bit of moisture on the fire, it really helped the situation out.”

The rain storm started around 4:00 pm, after the rain fall crews went back out to continue working.

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A new housing development that would create 2,000 residences is working towards approval in Wasatch County.

The Dollar Ridge Fire has jumped over State Route 40 near milepost 57, about 4 miles west of Fruitland. UDOT has closed the highway from mile post 50 near Strawberry Reservoir to mile post 85 near Duchesne until further notice.

Wasatch County Sheriff’s office issued a mandatory evacuation to 40 Dam Acres, Pinehollow, Aspen Grove campground and marina.

The Dollar Ridge fire started Sunday afternoon and has grown to 42,000 acres, that nearly 60 square miles, with just 4% containment.