Only In Park City.


Recognizing that certain things could only happen here in the Wasatch Back is the ultimate Park City theme, whether you are standing in Kamas, Kimball Junction, Heber, Midway or Old Town itself.

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No joke: This firefighter is on the phone trying to get a ride for this mama duck and ducklings to a pond Thursday afternoon. In Deer Valley, of course. ‪


You're casually checking out what's going on over the Interwebs...

You recognize Park City in the background of a tiny thumbnail photo that has nothing to do with the town.


You spill or drop something extremely perishable on December 12.

You have time.


Free or Best Offer

Aug 19, 2013

Giving away new Viking and SubZero appliances because they’re the wrong color.

Calls the KPCW Classifieds Show for Free advertising.

Park City shares culture, active lifestyles and amazing opportunities with New York City, Hawaii and San Diego.

Unfortunately, it shares housing prices too.

Weatherman on The Local News Hour predicts a bluebird April day...

Can’t decide whether to ski or golf.

When all emergency vehicles come on deck to help...

The EMTs get their dirt bikes out.

Going To The Dogs.

Aug 1, 2013

Offer a T-shirt to the listener to be the 2,000th to like the KPCW Radio facebook page.

Apparently, it's a dog.

Battle the Seasons.

Jul 30, 2013
Park City Municipal Corporation

You start hearing comments on how cool it is this fall.

It's July 29th.

Is it tho?

Jul 26, 2013

Man contacts all local media avenues to warn of mountain lion nearby.  

Not so much.