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Everything to do inside of Park City proper.

Changes are coming to Park City’s special events policies and the city council Thursday considered cutting off fee waives and limiting the number of events. Melissa Allison has more:

Park City purchased a block of the Prospector Square Condos earlier this year and in May notified their tenants they were going to turn the affordable units into housing for their bus drivers. The city gave the tenants until October 31 to move. Melissa Allison reports how one tenant showed up at Thursday’s meeting to tell the city council, on the record, what he thought:

Nuzzles & Co

Local Animal Rescue and Adoption Non-Profit Nuzzles & Co was one of 60 non-profits worldwide selected by an anonymous Bitcoin millionaire known only as “Pine”. She or he donated around $86 million to the 60 charities through the Pineapple Fund. Nuzzles & Co did research on cryptocurrency and applied for the grant. Nuzzles & Co President Kathleen Weron describes the application process.

"Skip" Roberts

The other shoe is dropping for Andrew McLean who is well-known in the outdoor industry as an extreme skier, photographer and hiker. After he and his wife, Park City Assistant Attorney Polly Samuels McLean were arrested on September 6, one of his sponsors dropped him as an ambassador. Melissa Allison explains:

Autumn Aloft - 2014

The annual Autumn Aloft event will bring nearly two dozen hot air balloons to Park City this weekend. 

The Autumn Aloft launch events will take place at the North 40 Fields on Saturday and Sunday morning, Misha Ross explains the day’s activities.

Park City has added details about the status of Assistant Attorney Polly Samuels McLean’s employment.  Melissa Allison has more:

Melissa Allison

Artist Emily Herr was awarded the $40,000 public art contract with Park City to create four murals in the China Bridge parking. Only a few members of the public showed on Saturday to help paint the mural. Even so, things went faster than anticipated. Melissa Allison tells us its not too late to get involved:

John Cunniff /

Today is the 17-year anniversary of the terror attacks on the U.S. now known as 9/11. Park City High School students were able to hear from a NYPD first responder who was at the world trade center that day.

Park City resident Scott Zink spent nearly three hours telling two groups of Park City High students his story as a member of the New York Police Departments Emergency Service Unit on September 11, 2001. Zink had just finished a shift and was just about to go home when he heard news that a plane had struck the north tower.

Melissa Allison

The Christian Center of Park City started plans for a renovation and expansion in 2014. On Saturday, they had their ribbon cutting ceremony for the upgraded facility that was paid solely from donations. Melissa Allison has more:

Park City Leadership Class 24, Park City Council, staff and most of the Summit County Council returned from a 5-day trip to Montana and Wyoming for the annual City Tour. Melissa Allison finds out what they’ve found in towns north of Utah: