Lynn Ware Peek and guest co-host Bruce Kasanoff welcome neuroscientist, Dr. Kelly Lambert, who describes the brain’s ability to make contingency calculations - which predict the outcome of decisions and actions. Lambert has researched what goes awry when the brain’s information systems are compromised and how we can lose the ability to arrive at informed decisions. She presents her work in a new book called Well-Grounded: The Neurobiology of Rational Decisions. 

Pulitzer Prize winning “Doonesbury” creator and social observer Garry Trudeau, talks about his show at the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, October 13th. Summit County Council member Doug Clyde has a recap of Wednesday's meeting.  Park City Planning Commissioner John Phillips will be in to talk about Wednesday's Planning meeting. Peter Rock talks about his book "My Abandonment" and the subsequent Sundance Film, Leave No Trace.

Once again, it’s the time of year when locals are asked to donate their slightly-used clothing for the Winter Coat Drive, so that youths of all income levels can enjoy winter sports.

The coat drive is part of the Park City Christian Center Operation Hope. Pete Stoughten, from the Center, and Heather Sims, from the Youth Sports Alliance, visited KPCW to explain the purpose of the program, and to mention their other partners in the effort.

October Book Review - Circe

Oct 10, 2018

This month, Cathy Lanigan reviews Circe, by Madeline Miller.

No, not that Sersei.  You will have to wait many more months to hear the last chapter of the witch of Westeros, but right now you can follow the story of another powerful, irresistible, terrifying woman ruling over her own land and defying all who attack her. 

Summit County

The Snyderville Planning Commission Tuesday night did not make a decision about a proposal to allow a soccer arena and some other uses on a lot in Silver Creek.

However, a public hearing brought out about a dozen neighbors with concerns.

The applicant owns a parcel at 532 Westwood Road, and is asking for a building, of a little over 14,000 square feet, which would have a large soccer arena, some other space for pool or ping-pong, an apartment or living area, and a warm-up or storage space.

Wasatch County Fire

The Mountain Subdivision called Timber Lakes sits in the hills east of Heber. The city fire officials are always concerned about this area because it is so dry and covered with scrub oak. A house fire was reported in the early hours of Friday morning and if not for the recent rain and a vigilent homeowner’s association, the outcome could have been catastrophic for many property owners in the neighborhood. Carolyn Murray has this:

John Schlimm is the bestselling author of The Ultimate Beer Lover's Happy Hour,  and now he is back to take his readers (and our listeners) through an entertaining history of moonshine. Call it moonshine, white lightening, hooch, or home brew, this versatile liquor spans generations, political lines, and genders. And it has made a significant comeback. Schlimm's new book is Moonshine: A Celebration of America's Original Rebel Spirit. 

Lt. Andrew Wright with the Summit County Sheriff’s Department says they’ve dealt with three cases involving down branches since the storm.

Historian and business writer Alan Axelrod has written more than 150 books and he joins The Mountain Life to discuss his most recent, The Disruptors: 50 People Who Change the World. These 50 women and men, starting with Confucious in 551 BCE and ending with pop star Madonna, broke and rules and created a new paradigm for art, science, technology, religion, education, enterprise and society. 

Summit County

In their regular meeting Wednesday, the major item for Summit County Council members is their introduction to the draft 2019 budget.

The council meets at the Coalville Courthouse and will take up the budget at about 4:30.

County manager Tom Fisher said the overall budget figure is $55.6 million. Their projected revenues are about $55.4 million so council has to address that gap, and other issues, in their meetings over the next two months.