On today’s program, Park City Deputy Fire Marshal Kurt Simister is retiring today. He looks back at his long career with Park City Municipal. Park City Resident Rob Umstead has an update on his wife Danelle's competition on Dancing with the Stars. Members of Utah League of Women Voters Jill Lesh and Meredith Reed have details about the voter education resource Vote 411.org. and Marty Harger has details about the upcoming Heber Valley Yoga Festival to benefit the Wasatch School District’s food pantry.

The Park City Board of Realtors has hired a new Chief Executive Officer--Jamie Hoppe, who starts this week.

At the same time, they’re facing a pending lawsuit from their former CEO, who was fired last May.

A lawsuit was filed in Third District Court in August by Terry Nolan, who said he had not done anything to merit being fired under his Employment Agreement with the Park City Board. Although a specific complaint was cited before his termination, he wasn’t given the chance to respond to it.

Heber City Police

The suspects, Carlos Garcia and Jennifer Granja, sold marijuana and handguns to a Wasatch BackNET undercover police officer according to an online post from the Heber City Police Department. The two were later arrested on September 27th after a traffic stop. During the stop and arrest officers found another handgun and a large sum of cash.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) along with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will conduct a test of emergency alert systems Tomorrow (Today) starting at 12:18 pm.

FEMA and the FCC will be testing their Wirelesses Emergency Alerts as well as their Emergency Alert System starting at 12:18 pm mountain standard time.


The Park City Women’s Expo comes October 13 and 14. Organizers say the inaugural event is all about education, support and community. Melissa Allison has more:

Heber Ave. Closed Due To Busted Water Line

Oct 2, 2018

Park City officials issued an emergency contract to replace the water line on Heber Avenue after it busted Thursday – spilling about 200,000 gallons of water in 90 minutes. The repairs will require Heber Avenue to close through October starting as soon as Tuesday night.  Melissa Allison brings us the latest:


The Park City Board of Education met Tuesday  morning in a work session. The School Board’s goals were discussed which included a new policy on how the board will communicate with the media. Job survey results were presented and Board President, Andrew Caplan read a statement about their plans to bond for capital projects next year.  Carolyn Murray has this:


On average, Park City uses 3,000 gallons of water per minute of water year-round. But that’s with leaks. Melissa Allison brings us an update on the city’s efforts to identify and repair them:

In the second half of the program, Chris and Nell speak with Paul Greenberg, the author of the new book, “The Omega Principal, Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and a Healthier Planet.” Omega 3 fatty acids – or fish oil – have long been touted by doctors and dieticians as a key to a healthy heart and sharper brain.  But, what’s the impact of harvesting tons of anchovies and sardines to the marine food chain?

This summer was Utah's warmest on record.  September was well above average and also one of the driest.  And today most of the state is facing warnings for "flash floods".   What's going on?  Chris and Nell speak with Brian McInerney from the National Weather Service to better understand our shifting temperatures and weather patterns.