Community Advisory Board

KPCW's Community Advisory Board consists of current KPCW members who broadly represent the communities served by the station. 

Current Members:

  • Roger Crawford, Vice-chair
  • Kevin Kotzian, Secretary
  • Beth Armstrong, Liaison from the Board of Trustees
  • Colin DeFord
  • Stacey Harris
  • Larry Rose
  • Bonita Vanderkooi
  • Beth Fratkin

What does the Community Advisory Board do?

The Community Advisory Board's purpose is to review KPCW's programming goals, services and policy decisions of KPCW and its Board of Trustees, in order to advise the staff and the Board of its effectiveness in meeting the needs of the communities KPCW has been licensed to serve. The role of the Community Advisory Board is purely advisory.

Some topics addressed at the Community Advisory Board meetings may include:

  • Accuracy in the news
  • Sound quality of KPCW
  • Diversity of perspectives and issues
  • On-air fundraising during KPCW membership drives
  • KPCW's programming schedule

How are members selected?

Members of the public wishing to be considered for KPCW's Community Advisory Board must be current members of KPCW, and should submit a brief resume and letter of interest to KPCW's General Manager, Renai Bodley Miller. Community Advisory Board members are appointed by the General Manager for up to two (2) renewable three-year terms, upon recommendations by individual board members, staff or other interested parties.

When does the Community Advisory Board meet?

KPCW's Community Advisory Board meets quarterly, with specific dates determined by the board itself. The meetings are open to the public and are posted on KPCW's website prior to the meeting.    

If you would like to find out more about KPCW's Community Advisory Board - membership, officers, meetings and more - contact Renai Bodley Miller at