• Volunteer Air Force

    Every other Saturday, 4 - 7 PM

    Born: In the desert

    Raised: In a lion’s den

    Occupation: Stealing women from their men

    Home Address<...

  • Volunteer Air Force

    Every Wednesday, 12:30 - 3 PM

    Wellll hello Park City! It's your pal Dave from The All New Dave Show, the program where you get a new Dave every week and a tantalizingly fresh mix of current...

  • Volunteer Air Force, Community Advisory Board

    Substitute DJ

    He also does stuff like get mentioned on national shows like NPR's Only A Game.

  • Volunteer Air Force

    Every other Tuesday, 7-10 PM

    Hi there, living the dream here in Park regrets, no remorse...just like the music I play.  Up beat and looking foward, like me!  Thanks for listenng to a great little radio...

  • Director of Underwriting

    Twenty-year KPCW volunteer DJ Emily Elliott joined KPCW in the spring of 2013 as Director of Underwriting. Elliott began volunteering at the station during a pledge drive in 1993 and has stayed with the station in one role or another ever since...


    Substitute DJ

  • Volunteer Air Force

    Every other Wednesday, 7-10 PM

  • Volunteer Air Force

    Every other Friday, 12:30 PM - 3 PM

    A Park City aficionado, when not on the radio, Jim spends his time on his bike or on his skis.  Having lived in a half dozen other states and multiple countries, Park City is...

  • Volunteer Air Force

    Every other Saturday, 4-7 PM

    James has been a lifetime fan of radio and joined KPCW in 2013 to learn about the profession and gain experience. He travels up from Salt Lake City to lend his voice to KPCW's...

  • Volunteer Air Force

    Every other Saturday, 8 PM-Midnight