Renai Bodley Miller

General Manager

Renai Bodley Miller became General Manager of KPCW in June, 2017. Previously, she was a reporter at KPCW. Renai is a 25 year veteran of the television news business.  She was a news producer in Roanoke, VA, Richmond, VA, Miami, FL, and Washington, DC before moving to Utah in 1996 to be the Executive Producer at KSTU Fox 13.  In 1999, she was promoted to Vice President/News Director.  Under Renai’s tenure, Fox 13 expanded its news coverage from 2.5 hours to 10 hours of news a day.  She retired in July, 2015, to enjoy her new home in Park City; but she couldn’t stay out of a newsroom for long.  Less than a month later she signed on with KPCW as a reporter, and less than two years later she was promoted to General Manager when Larry Warren retired.

Renai is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Investigative Reporters and Editors, and the Radio Television Digital News Association.  She grew up in Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English Language and Literature. She was an inaugural fellow of the Carole Kneeland Project for Responsible Journalism (1998) and has been invited back several times as a speaker and attendee.  Renai has a passion for politics and was a founding board member of the Utah Debate Commission.   She and her husband Mark consider Utah home, and enjoy playing the role of Park City tour guide for their out-of-state friends and family.


Utah Department of Health

Utah set its second highest benchmark for COVID-19 cases Saturday, with 269 more cases than the day before, or 2.9%.  That brings the state total for positive cases to 9,533.  

The state reported its highest ever daily increase Friday with 343 new cases.  State epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn said the higher numbers could be due to testing trends and isolated outbreaks and urged Utahns to continue wearing face masks and staying home when they feel ill.

Park City Chamber of Commerce Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau has a new plan to bring visitors back to the area now that businesses have reopened.

Phase One of the Chamber's plan uses digital advertising to appeal to potential visitors from the Wasatch Front, which is the population centered around Salt Lake City that stretches north to Ogden and south to Provo, an area encompassing 80% of Utah's 3.2 million residents.

Utah Department of Health

As Summit and Wasatch counties move to a lower-risk phase of COVID-19 response, the number of positive cases in Summit County appears to be levelling off, while Wasatch County's cases have gone up almost 10% in the past four days.

On Sunday, Summit County had 401 cases.  By Thursday, that number had gone up three to 404.  Wasatch County's cases, on the other hand, have gone up by twenty since Sunday, from 202 to 222.

Utah Department of Health

Summit County Council voted Thursday to join the rest of the state and go to the yellow risk level for COVID-19.

The decision takes effect Friday, just three weeks after the county lifted the Stay At Home Order put into place in March, which also ordered businesses, except essential ones, to close. 

When Summit County lifted that order on May first, people were allowed to move about the county and most businesses were allowed to reopen if they followed strict protocols to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

Utah Department of Health

Sunday's COVID-19 update from the Utah Department of Health shows one more person in Summit County has been diagnosed with the disease, and two more cases have been confirmed in Wasatch County.

That brings Summit County's cases to 401 and Wasatch County's to 202. Each county had one more person hospitalized since Saturday, bringing the numbers to 36 hospitalizations for Summit County and ten hospitalizations in Wasatch County.

Utah Department of Health

Summit and Wasatch counties have reached new COVID-19 milestones according to new numbers released Saturday by the Utah Department of Health.

Summit County has 400 confirmed cases of the disease, up four from 396 Friday. Wasatch County has 200 confirmed cases, also up four from 196 Friday.

One more person has been hospitalized in Summit County, bringing the number to 35 overall who have been in the hospital since the pandemic began, while Wasatch County’s number of hospitalizations remained at nine.

Utah Department of Health

Utah Department of Health released new numbers Friday afternoon about COVID-19 in the state.

Eight more people have been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive in Wasatch County since Thursday, bringing their number of confirmed cases to 196. Nine people are currently hospitalized in Wasatch County.

Summit County has three more cases since Thursday, bringing their total number to 396 cases. 34 people are hospitalized in Summit County. There are 6,913 confirmed COVID-19 cases statewide, up 164 since Thursday.


Summit County Council talked trash at their meeting Wednesday.

The county’s waste collection contract is up for bid.  Currently the county collects trash for 19,000 customers. And the costs appear to be going up, according to county council chair, Doug Clyde. But there could be some cost savings, according to Clyde, especially if the county stopped collecting the trash for multi-family units, which are four-plexes or larger.   

Utah Department of Health

When the rest of Utah eases into a yellow, or “low risk” level for COVID-19, Summit and Wasatch Counties remain at an orange, or “moderate risk” level. Health officials say that’s because of the high rate of the disease per capita in those counties.

But Summit County did make some changes. Thursday night, Summit County Council passed a new health order which clarified what the orange level means. It goes into effect Saturday and will last at least one week.

Summit County

When the rest of Utah eases into a yellow, or “low risk”  level for COVID-19 on Saturday, Summit and Wasatch Counties remain at an orange, or “moderate risk” level.  Health officials say that’s because of the high rate of the disease per capita in those counties.

Last night, Summit County Council passed a new health order which clarified what the orange level means.  The purpose of the 16-page order is to ease some of the protocols businesses have to follow to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Utah Symphony Utah Opera

One of Park City’s most popular summer events has been canceled. Deer Valley announced Tuesday there will be no summer concerts at the Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater for the 2020 Summer Season. The cancellation is due to concerns about COVID-19 and how large public gatherings could spread the disease.

Deer Valley President and COO Todd Shallan said it was a difficult decision, but “pausing these events this year is in the best interest of the health and safety of our community, our guests and our staff members.”

We are sad to report that KPCW has lost one of our most devoted listeners.  Donna VanBuren passed away early Wednesday morning.  She gave so much not only to KPCW, but also to the Park City Community.

Sundance Film Festival

Utah’s state epidemiologist says it’s possible COVID-19 was circulating at Sundance.

The film festival took place over ten days at the end of January, months before Park City saw it’s first COVID-19 case. But when state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn was asked Wednesday if the virus came in with the crowds, she said it was possible.

Utah Department of Health

No new COVID-19 cases were reported in Summit County Wednesday by the Utah Department of Health.

UDOH said two more people died in the state from COVID-19, bringing the total of fatalities to 58. UDOH also reported 5,595 confirmed COVID-19 cases, up 146, or just under 2.7%, from Tuesday.

Summit County's number of cases held steady from Tuesday, at 382. Wasatch County has 170 confirmed cases, up four from Tuesday. No new hospitalizations have been reported in either county.

Utah Department of Health

The Utah Department of Health announced Tuesday that six more people have died in the state from COVID-19, bringing the total of fatalities to 56.

There are 5,449 confirmed COVID-19 cases, up 132, or just under 2.5%, from Monday. Summit County has 382 cases, five more than Monday. The number of hospitalizations in the county has remained at thirty-three since Friday. Wasatch County has 166 confirmed cases, up one from Monday. Hospitalizations in Wasatch have remained at seven for more than a week.