Rick Brough

Summit County Reporter

Known for getting all the facts right, as well as his distinctive sign-off, Rick covers Summit County meetings and issues. KPCW snagged him from The Park Record in the '80s, and he's been on air and covering the entire county ever since. He produces the Week In Review podcast, as well a heads the Friday Film Review team.

Rick is also a pop-culture savant (who would bury you in Trivial Pursuit), which makes him the perfect host for KPCW's weekend interview show of filmmakers, actors and critics during the Sundance Film Festival. Revealing his darker side, you can catch him every Friday afternoon with Randy Barton on The Local View discussing which celebrities passed on that week.

Other features on Mr. Brough include:

Ways to Connect

The Summit County Attorney office has dropped its prosecution of a local resident, who was arrested for damaging an exit gate last winter, shortly after a new parking permit system started at Park City's China Bridge.

The county reports the defendants has met all the conditions of an informal agreement. His attorney says the vandalism was an accident.

Woodward Park City website

A large, boisterous crowd gathered at the base of Parley's Summit, Thursday afternoon to celebrate the ground-breaking for the Woodward Park City youth sports complex. 

The audience partied under sunny, but windy conditions on the property, which has been the Gorgoza tubing park for decades. The promotional announcement said that Woodward will connect "sport, progression, community, vibe and youth-inspiring programming."

Woodward is owned by the Powdr. Corp. The founder and chairman of the company, John Cumming, said they acquired the Gorgoza site back in the late 1990's.

Summit County

Last year, e-bikes became a familiar sight in the Park City area, as an amenity in public transit.

Now there are indications the next wave in individual shared transit may be e-scooters, supplied by private companies.

Given that, Summit County Council member Roger Armstrong says the council approved a Temporary Zoning Ordinance Wednesday. That will allow the county to get a regular handle on this new phenomenon.

Armstrong told KPCW that cities in California are reacting to the new scooters.

Rail Trail State Park Website

The Public Comment period before the Summit County Council on Wednesday brought out a couple of different topics.

The council heard from South Summit resident Jan Perkins, who asked them to pursue the idea of a Summer Heritage Byway, proposed earlier this year by Development Director Pat Putt.

Council member Roger Armstrong said the underlying idea is that we don't always notice the county's many historical treasures. He noted Putt's interest was sparked by the Rail Trail.

US Forest Service

  In response to an initiative from the Governor's office, Summit County Council member Roger Armstrong says the council wants to control deadfall in the county's national forest, but they don't want to endorse more development in the High Uintas.

The governor has asked counties in Utah if they want to support a petition to the U.S. Forest Service to revise the so-called Roadless Rule, and allow a Utah-specific policy for forest management.

This week's Project for Deeper Understanding at St. Luke's Episcopal Church looks at the debate over Proposition 2, calling for Medical Marijuana on this November's ballot.

The event tonight will feature 10 panelists. Two of them visited KPCW Wednesday for an exchange of views.

The panel on September 20th takes place at St. Luke's near the Blue Roof at Silver Springs. It runs from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and will be broadcast live on KPCW.

Mountainlands Community Housing Trust

  A crowd that included leaders from Park City, Summit County and the local business community gathered this weekend to salute the 25th anniversary of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust.

The hostess for the gathering, KPCW's own Leslie Thatcher, reviewed some of the numbers for the organization.

Summit County

  The Summit County Council, meeting today, will consider approving a six-month Temporary Zoning Ordinance, in order to set up a regulatory structure for a new generation of personal transportation.

Meeting at the Richins Services Building, the Council at about 5:00 pm. will consider a TZO for "Shared Active Transportation."

County Manager Tom Fisher said they will include items like e-scooters and dockless bikes, which the county expects they're going to see pretty soon.

  The Summit County Council's regular session on Wednesday includes two or three items related to the environment.

The council, meeting at the Richins Services Building, will start a discussion at about 2:45 on management of the forest and of watershed resources. Later, they will also return to discuss a proposal from the governor's office, to petition Washington D.C. for a change to its Roadless Rule.

Summit County

  The Summit County Council will again be talking trash in their regular meeting Wednesday. They will get an update on their Solid Waste Master Plan.

The council, meeting at the Richins Services Building, will talk about Solid Waste in a work session at about 2:15. County Manager Tom Fisher said they set a Master Plan earlier this year, and directed the staff to come back with an Action Plan.

Among the items is recycling for commercial cardboard, which Fisher said can have an important impact on the landfill.