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Just when you wanted to hear - beer and ice cream can be a suitable dietary choice. Dr. Harry Ofgang and Erik Ofgang join the show to talk about The Good Vices: From Beer to Sex, The Surprising Truth About What's Actually Good for You.  As it turns out, that age-old adage, "everything in moderation," has the science to back it up. 

Antonia Malchik joins The Mountain Life to discuss her new book,  A Walking Life: Reclaiming Our Health and Our Freedom One Step at a Time. She poses the questions - who gets to walk, and where?  How did we lose the right to walk, and what implications does that have for the strength of our communities, the future of democracy, and the pervasive loneliness of individual lives? 

Dr. Matt McCarthy presents a real life account of cutting-edge science and the race against the clock to find new treatments in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. His new book, which chronicles a new clinical trial which is testing a new antibiotic to fight lethal superbugs, is Superbugs: The Race to Stop an Epidemic. 


Rory Swesen and Amie Clark of Peak Medical join the show. Peak Medical is a wellness spa in Park City that customizes treatment programs for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, platelet rich plasma treatments, medically supervised weight loss ,and aesthetic treatments.


We speak first with Douglas Rushkoff, host of the NPR-One podcast Team Human. Though created by humans, our technologies, markets, and institutions often contain an antihuman agenda. Rushkoff shares how to remake these aspects of society in ways that foster our humanity. His new book is also called Team Human

Terry Sidford and Karla Olson join us to talk about a new speaker series, PC Talks - Women's Night Out, that will be held at the Rockwell Listening Room. The first in the series on May 28 and features Terry Sidford who presents on how to find, show, grow, and share COURAGE. 

Yoga practitioner Lauren Lockey of Sage Mountain Yoga joins the show to talk about a new Fit and Flow yoga series offered at the Peace Platform at Sage Mountain Animal Sanctuary in Browns Canyon. 

Our guest is New York Times bestselling author Laura Schroff. Schroff was an advertising executive who was walking down a busy sidewalk in Manhattan one day when a young boy, panhandling on the street corner, asked her for money, saying he was hungry. She quickly passed him by, but a handful of steps later, something made her turn around. She ended up not handing him money, but taking 11-year old Maurice out to a real meal and that was the beginning of a life long relationship. Maurice is now in his 40’s.

Natalie Jill is a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist, fat loss expert, and functional fitness trainer. She joins the show to discuss how to "age in reverse" for renewed vitality, health, and longevity.

Pulitzer Prize-winning, New York Times reporter Matt Richtel presents a cutting-edge account of scientific discoveries that promise to revolutionize the practice of medicine - and improve our lives immeasurably - in An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System: A Tale in Four LivesThe immune system impacts every aspect of our lives, including sleep, mood, fitness, nutrition, brain function, and aging, and is the ultimate key to wellness and longevity. 

The Mountain Life - May 8, 2019 Lisa Klein

May 8, 2019

Tim speaks with Film director and Doctor...Lisa Klein...who will screen her documentary The S Word, a film that shares the stories of suicide survivors as part of the Connect Mental Health Awareness Month schedule of events.

Psychologist Dr. Michael Reichert joins the show to discuss his new book, How to Raise a Boy, in which he talks about how boys can be brought out of the small “man box” which is a restricting and small space that boys often occupy to be considered traditionally “masculine.”

Jim Webber is the founder of Foothill Oriental Rugs and the Tibetan Rug Company. He also has founded a non-profit organization called the Nepal Cleft & Burn Center. The organization held a fundraiser on May 3 at Blue Sky Ranch to raise money to build a second hospital in Nepal.

If it seems like your kids know a great deal about composting, recycling, and water - it's in large part thanks to Recycle Utah's education program led by Mary Closser, our guest on The Mountain Life. She also details education on composting, green businesses, the Green Drinks program, and how each year she educates 5,000 school kids throughout Summit and Wasatch Counties. 

Tim Henney and Lynn Ware Peek speak with Mark Moffet, the legendary ant biologist who tells the epic story and ultimate big history of how human society evolved from intimate chimp communities into the sprawling civilizations of a world-dominating species in his new book, The Human Swarm.