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Lace up your running shoes and get your costume, it’s time for Running With Ed on May 18. Christine Grenney,  Lila Grenney and Vince Heyd join us in the studio to talk about the 10th anniversary of this Park City Education Foundation fundraiser, what to expect if it’s your first time and why it’s one of the most fun days of the year in Park City. 

 Dr. Adam Hanley from the College of Social Work at the University of Utah uncovers research on how mindfulness training - a practice rooted in ancient meditative traditions - disrupts the development of conditioned behaviors. The study's authors suggest that mindfulness training may protect individuals from developing conditioned behaviors that lead to unhealthy addictions. Dr.

New York Times bestselling author Austin Kleon joins the show to discuss how to keep creativity alive in his new book, KEEP GOING: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times & Bad. Kleon's previous books include Steal Like and Artist and Show Your Work!  Kleon shares his linge-changing, illustrated tips on how to stay creative, focused, an dtrue to yourself in the face of burnout and external distractions. 

Gregg Ireland with Extraordinary Ventures and Katie Holyfield, co-founder of Lucky Ones Coffee and a representative of Bridge 21 preview the screening of Extraordinary People, a documentary about people with autism and their employment.

Today we speak with Meredith May, a fifth generation bee-keeper and award-winning writer, about the fascinating world of bees, of a young girl's coming-of age, about loss and about how family is much like the world of bees, with its very complex ecosystem. May is a Pulitzer-prize nominated journalist who wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle for 16 years. She lives in San Francisco where she keeps bees in a community garden. She joins us to today to talk about her new book called, The Honey Bus: A Memoir of Less, Courage and a Girl Saved by Bees.

Tim and Lynn speak with Nora McInerney, the host of American Public Media's Terrible,Thanks for Asking podcast. She discusses her new book, No Happy Endings  a new book with more heartbreaking AND hilarious meditations on her messy, wonderful, and unexpected life.

Renowned New York City OB-GYN Dr. Jaqueline Worth joins The Mountain Life. She talks about THE NEW RULES OF PREGNANCY: What to Eat, Do, Think About & Let Go of While Your Body Is Making a Baby.  From Megan Markle to Chelsea Clinton to comedian Amy Schumer - baby watch is in full swing! And finally, a pregnancy book that cuts through the noise to tell expectant mothers exactly what they need to know—and what they can stop obsessing about and over-researching.

Dr. Scott Langenecker, psychiatrist from the University of Utah along with CONNECT Summit County executive director Sheri Fisher join to discuss a call for art for Images of Resilience which will take place on May 22 as part of the May Mental Health Awareness month. Dr. Langenecker focuses on art as a coping mechanism and the importance and research behind resiliency. The call for art deadline is April 30.

Our guest is Salt Lake City-based Mark Twight, a former professional climber turned trainer, author, podcaster and photographer who will preview his photographic book essay, Refuge, and share stories of his experiences around the world. He speaks at the Non-Prophet Center on 972 S 300 W 972 S 300 W in Salt Lake on Friday, April 5, at 7pm (SLC gallery stroll 6-9pm.) 

We speak with Stanford professor Matthew Jackson who discusses his new book The Human Network: How Your Social Position Determines Your Power, Beliefs and Behaviors. Jackson makes the case for how our sometimes hidden positions in various social structures that shape how we think and behave and inform our very outlook on life. 

Our guest is Charlie Ambler, who is the creator of the popular mindfulness blog Daily Zen as well as the founder of online apparel brand, Strike Gently Company, will introduce his Daily Zen Journal, a playfully insightful Zen Buddhist-influenced journal that helps  cultivate beginner's mind - a mind open to observing, laughing, and growing into our best selves.

Laurie Halse Anderson is a NY Times bestselling author of the book Speak, a brave book for young adults, released in 1999 that dealt with the rape of a young girl. It has sold over three million copies world wide and essentially opened up the conversation about sexual assault. In speaking to groups of young people around the country for now 20 years, Laurie Hulse Anderson has learned what we talk about, what we don’t talk about, what we need to know - both young women and especially young men.

Heather Deford is a local physical therapist who specializes in the pelvic floor. It turns out - and not surprisingly - that a significant component of women’s power lies in this physical region of the body. Heather will lead a workshop called Grounded Goddess on Saturday, May 11, and provide guidance to heal and nurture your feminine essence through guided meditation, yoga breath work and Pelvic Floor awareness. 

Ron Jackenthal joins the show. Ron is the father of Sam Jackenthal, a wonderful young man, an accomplished skier and inline rollerblader and who left this world far too soon in the fall of 2015. To celebrate his son and the way Sam lived Ron founded LiveLikeSam.org and will talk about the foundation's mission: to empower the positive personal development of young athletes through educational programs and services, community-based partnerships, and merit and need-based scholarships.

Dr. Sunita Puri  joins Tim  and Lynn to share her book, That Good Night: Life & Medicine in the Eleventh Hour. It’s the story of how and why she came to be a practitioner and advocate for Palliative Care.