4th Street In Park City's Old Town Becoming One-way, Eastbound

Aug 12, 2019

As part of an upcoming Old Town transportation project, focusing on access and circulation, 4th Street, between Main Street and Swede Alley, will be permanently changed to an eastbound, one-way street, starting Tuesday, August 13. Park City Municipal says it will mirror the one-way westbound traffic of 5th Street, forming a couplet to improve traffic flow. Staff will also create a space on 4th for pedestrians to safely walk there. This season, city staff will use paint to delineate the space, with the intent to pour concrete sidewalks next construction season. Those trying to access the area should expect impacts Tuesday afternoon and evening as the paint dries.

The city is looking at short-term projects and long-term planning to improve access and circulation in Old Town, with a number of projects and policies up for discussion, including a walkway on the traffic-heavy Hillside Avenue and drop-and-load zones for shuttles and rideshares on Main Street. More information on the Old Town access and circulation plan is available at parkcity.org. Those interested in commenting on the proposed projects or adding their concerns and opportunities to the conversation around transportation in Old Town can send comments to Park City senior transportation planner Alexis Verson at alexis.verson@parkcity.org, before city staff brings the proposals to the Park City Council this Thursday, Aug. 15.