An Act Of Kindness From Park City Police Officer

Oct 30, 2019

Credit PCPD

A Park City Police Officer has been discovered, again, doing a kind gesture to help a person who was stranded at the Top Stop on SR 224.

Senior Patrol Officer Mike Carrillo responded to a citizen assist call to help a woman at the Park City Top Stop. Officer Carrillo arrived to find the woman was with her children in the car. She thought she had enough gas to make it from Ogden to Park City and back again. She miscalculated how much heat she would need for the trip and found herself without gas or money. She had come down for services at the Christian Center.

“The programs that we normally have for people out of state that run out of gas and stuff like that, to help her get gas to go back home. I couldn’t find any programs that we had. The ones that we used to have, no longer exist. So, I told her, you know, here’s some gas to get you back to Ogden and I put it on my card.”

Carrillo felt he couldn’t leave her and the kids to figure out how to get home, so he took care of it. When asked if he has done things like this in the past, he said no, it was his first time.  With further examination however, KPCW was informed that Officer Carrillo also came to the rescue of one Park City High School Student and his mother while on their way to a homecoming dance. This was widely circulated on social media at the time. But Officer Carrillo was able to help the young man properly tie his tie and be ready to escort his date for the dance. What might have been a speeding ticket ended up as a good deed instead.Public Information Officer Phil Kirk says Officer Carrillo is a terrific police officer and person.