Alterra Launches Ikon Pass Mobile App

Nov 20, 2019

still from video showcasing some of the functions of the Ikon Pass Mobile App
Credit Alterra Mountain Company

Alterra Mountain Company launched the Ikon Pass app this week.

The Ikon Pass mobile app was announced on Wednesday and made available immediately. Alterra Mountain Company Director of Public Relations Kristin Rust says the app will enhance the mountain experience at each of their 41 destinations.

“It's really interactive it can have Ikons passholders be able to manage their Ikon pass, see how many days they have left at a particular destination,” Rust explained. “Also going to be able to track your stats with a master leaderboard, that not only you can compete against your friends but also against the entire Ikon Pass community who's logged in.”

The app offers several functions including keeping track of on-mountain stats.

“It will keep track of your vertical, how many lifts you've done, how many hours you've been out there,” Rust said. “All kinds of different stats that people want to see they are out there. You could track it by the day, the month, the season so all kinds of different options out there for tracking.” 

Additionally, the app offers snow reports, live cams, weather updates, and interactive trail maps with find your location services.

Deer Valley pass holders without an Ikon pass will have access to some functions of the app but not all.

“Anybody can use the Ikon Pass app,” Rust continued. “However, you do need to be an Ikon Pass holder to get various functions of the app. So, it'll work best if you're an Ikon Pass holder.”

Although the app is only available to download in the US, it does work in all of Alterra’s global destinations, including the five resorts in Utah. Rust adds Alterra will continue selling Ikon Passes through an undecided date in December.

Park City Mountains’ parent company Vail has its own free app for their pass holders. The EpicMix app launched in 2010.