Amendments To Homestead Master Plan Could Be Decided By Midway City Council This Tuesday

Apr 22, 2019

Midway City Council meets Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm at the Midway Community Center on 160 West Main Street to discuss and potentially approve amendments to the Homestead Resort Master Plan.

Salt Lake Company Watts Enterprises signed a purchase agreement to acquire the Homestead Resort from its current owners. Watts Enterprises has plans to replace every building at the resort, excluding the Virginia House.

Amendments to the Master Plan include 41 more units, an additional mile of public trails, an additional 32,580 square foot increase in building footprints shown on the master plan, approximately 10 acres of additional open space and 135 more parking spaces.

The staff report outlines items of consideration for the council including enhancement of the Homestead property and surrounding neighborhoods as well as the impacts of the plan on surrounding neighborhoods. The report also mentions public trail development and economic development including, Transient room tax, resort tax, property tax and sales tax.

The council will have the option to approve, continue or deny the amendments to the plan. You can find a link to the staff report here.