Animal Trapped Illegally On Park City Trail

Jul 31, 2019

Credit PCPD-trap confiscated / PCPD

The Park City Police Department responded to a call of an animal caught in a trap on a popular biking trail near Park City Mountain. They also received a report of a man found dead in a stairwell in an apartment complex in the Park Meadows neighborhood.

A little after 7 AM on Sunday morning, a hiker reported a small animal trapped by the foot on the popular Silver Strike trail which connects the Spiro trail with the Park City Mountain Resort base area. 

Park City Police Captain Phil Kirk says the case was turned over to the Department of Natural Resources. He says the police officer who responded to the call, confiscated two traps. They did not have identification tags which a violation. They have been booked into evidence.

KPCW has contacted the Department of Natural Resources and they have not been able to provide information about the incident.

A 68-year-old man was found unresponsive in a stairwell at the 2200 block of Monitor Drive last Saturday evening.  Kirk says the man lived in the Holiday Village Apartment complex for the last six years and his body was found in the same building where he lived. They’re still investigating the case and they’re waiting for an autopsy report.  After questioning the people that found his body, they have no reason to suspect foul play.