Arts Council Director Leaving

Jul 3, 2018

After seeing through a year-long process to strengthen the arts and culture county-wide, the executive director of the Park City Summit County Arts Council Hadley Dynak is leaving. 

Dynak has spent 2 years leading the local arts council. In an email sent to supporters of the organization, Dynak says she and her family have decided to return to the Bay Area where they lived prior to moving to Park City in 2013.

Dynak wrote in the last two years, the community has rallied around the idea that arts and culture is a key political priority as well as an economic driver. She is hopeful that momentum continues.
The Arts Council she wrote is poised to make an even bigger impact in the future.

The Arts Council Board of Directors has put the process in place for finding Dynak’s replacement.  Jocelyn Scudder has been promoted to Director of Programs and Engagement and will take on a larger role overseeing all programming, events, and content development.

The Arts Council Dynak said will also continue to move Project ABC forward, tracking the progress of the Cultural Plan’s implementation, keeping the community engaged, and implementing specific recommendations. Jake McIntire will maintain his role as lead consultant of Project ABC.

The arts council she added will continue to be an advocate and voice for the Summit County creative sector. Dynak will stay on through July and will provide support remotely as needed into August.