Ballet West Park City Academy Presenting Their Annual Spring Recital

May 9, 2019

Credit Ballet West

Ballet West’s Park City Academy is presenting its annual spring recital this weekend at the Eccles Center.

The campus administrator for Ballet West, Sandy Flury, said they will present their program on Saturday at 1:00 and 6:00 pm.

She said that all of their students, some 250 youngsters, will take part in the presentation, with the aid of some double casting.

“The first half of the show is a showcase of all styles of dance. Then the second half of the show is a Sleeping Beauty Aurora's wedding, and it's a ballet.”

Flury said that tickets are $15. You can go online to or purchase tickets at the door.

She said that the Park City Academy teaches other styles besides ballet.

“We have tap, contemporary jazz, and hip hop. Then of course the children's program is more creative and rhythm.”

The program will also be busy during the summer.

“we offer fantasy camp for ages three to six and then pop star camp for seven to 11-year-old. Then we do a three-week intensive ballet. (We) include a different style each day but basically really focuses on the ballet technique.”