Become a Challenge Grant Partner

Jan 25, 2018


Our community relies on KPCW daily, and we rely on businesses twice a year during our pledge drives. 

KPCW could not host a successful drive without the participation of business leaders throughout the community.  This is the ideal opportunity to connect with your current and future customers and show how invested your business is in our community through your support of KPCW.  

Our pledge drives are unique.  While listeners across the country tend to tune out and turn off fund drives, our listeners turn on and tune in!  Listeners tune into KPCW beginning at 7:00 am to enjoy our crazy on-air antics, find out about the outstanding premium items offered as thank you gifts, and to hear from local business leaders who support KPCW with a Challenge Hour sponsorship. Join us for some fun and help rally community support by encouraging your friends, customers and listeners to call a pledge into KPCW. 

How KPCW Does It

  • Join us for an hour of our regular programming and during our fundraising breaks talk about how your business supports our community's public radio station KPCW.
  • KPCW will send you a customized e-blast created with your name, logo and on-air time to forward to your outreach list.
  • We encourage you to share your "Challenge Hour" on social media and encourage supporters to boost the donations during your hour.  Friendly competitions can add increase your FUN-draising.
  • On-air promotion before and during the pledge drive announcing your Challenge Grant.
  • Online promotion on KPCW's website.

What Your Role as a Challenge Grant Partner Entails:

  • A financial contribution to KPCW for your "Challenge Hour"  (Contact Kim Crittenden for details).
  • Passing on the e-blast to your customers, vendors, staff, friends, family - whoever benefits from your company or KPCW or both!
  • Share your "Challenge Hour" details on your social media sites and encourage your followers donate and to share with their contacts..
  • Talk about how your company supports public radio and KPCW programs on the air during your Challenge Hour.
  • Generate a "Special" pledge premium or auction item to excite listeners (item must be provided in advance of pledge drive).