Behind The Gold: Alpine Combined Skier Bode Miller

Dec 9, 2013

Bode Miller at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games.

In improbable style, this future Olympic champion debuted with two silvers in Salt Lake City.

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The world got to know the amazing story of Bode Miller on a global stage as the Olympic Winter Games came to Salt Lake City in 2002. The independent, care-free New Hampshire native was somewhat of a sensation, but he preferred to let his skiing do the talking.

The alpine combined is the ultimate test – high speed of downhill and precision of slalom. Miller had a shot in the combined if he could turn in a decent downhill and somehow finish two runs of slalom. Starting 15th in the downhill, Miller rocketed down the course helter-skelter, carrying tremendous speed. Then, the unthinkable happened. At more than 65 mph, Miller fell hard on his left side. Somehow he righted himself, continued down the course and finished 15th – well out of medal hope. Or was it?

But his two runs of slalom were the quintessential Olympic medal performance – taking every single risk, putting it all on the line and earning every ounce of that Olympic silver. Miller won the run by an unthinkable 1.18 seconds to take silver. And a week later, in the Giant Slalom at Park City.

Today, Miller remains one of ski racing’s greatest stars and is seeking a fifth Olympics in Sochi.

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