Burglary In Summit Park Leads To Car Chase In The Salt Lake Valley

Sep 13, 2018

Three suspects have been arrested after they were caught burglarizing a Summit Park home, and then were pursued by officers in the Salt Lake Valley.

According to Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright, they got a call Tuesday night, at about 6:45.

A neighbor to a residence on Matterhorn Drive said he noticed an unfamiliar vehicle at the address. Then he saw three men jumping out of the back balcony of the house. When he tried to ask the suspects what they were doing, they jumped into their vehicle and drove away.

Officers tracked the vehicle down from Parley’s Summit and tried to make a traffic stop in West Valley. The suspects fled from police into an industrial area, just off 5600 West near the junction with Interstate 80.

They evaded deputies for nearly four minutes inside a fenced area until an officer executed a so-called “PIT” maneuver, where the police vehicle made contact with the read of the suspect’s vehicle and applied pressure to make it spin out of control.

When the suspect vehicle was searched, officer found a large amount of marijuana and stolen property from the Summit Park home.

The suspects, booked on multiple charges, are three Ogden men in their early 20’s.