Celebration Time For The Park City High School Class Of 2019

May 30, 2019

Credit PCSD

The Park City High School Class of 2019 graduates on Friday at Dozier Field providing the weather allows. Administration will bring it inside if it is very stormy. More than 370 students, all born in this third millennium will don red and white gowns, toss their caps into the air and commence their lives outside the Park City School District.

Caleb Fine has been the assistant principal since this graduating class began their sophomore year. He knows them well and says as the end of the year closes in, he has realized a few things.

“I think of a really kind and fun-loving class. There are always some personalities that might have caused you a little bit of grief at times as an administrator. But at this point in the year, you typically start feeling pretty sad that you’re not going to get to have those high fives and those interactions. It was a great class and I’m really excited to see how they’re going to impact our community, the state, and hopefully the world."

Principal Roger Arbabi is finishing his first year as the head of the high school. He talks about the academic, music, arts and athletic highlights, which are numerous.

“It’s been a phenomenal year. We’ve had such incredible success in athletics, in robotics, in band, in all of these different activities our kiddos are involved in.  When I hear the comment kids these days, I mean truly, I have to bite my tongue. They do amazing things on a daily basis. And, they shine.”

Salutatorian, Claire Oberg says she wrapped up her graduation speech at 11:45 pm, Tuesday night. So far, she’s not nervous about speaking in front of the hundreds of graduates and the thousands of family members and friends who will attend the ceremony. She‘s inspired by how much her classmates have accomplished in high school, many things done before becoming legal adults.

“So, I feel like we have all learned so much at the high school whether that be purely academic things or like social interaction skills. Or just like, learning to take advantage of the opportunities given to us because there have been so many opportunities given to us that aren’t offered in other places.  I know so many kids in our grade have accomplished so much. People have put on massive events and they’ve led protests.”

Valedictorian, Valentin Astie, Salutatorian, Claire Oberg, Student Body President Charlie Lowsma, Senior Class President Claire Booth and Latino’s in Action Co-Presidents, Cristopher Noe Mora Rubio and Sadie Ortiz Gomez will address their classmates.

Communication from the school district indicates the gates to Dozier Field open at 4 p.m. on Friday, no seats are permitted to be reserved prior to this time, and graduation will also be live streamed on


If the weather is very bad, graduation ceremonies will be moved to the Eccles Center. Graduates will each be issued three tickets, with overflow seating in Gymnasiums to watch the live stream. A link to more specific 2019 class accolades can be found on http://newsroom.pcschools.us/park-city-high-to-graduate-class-of-2019-on-may-31/