Charges Filed In Stolen Hunting Equipment Case

Oct 9, 2018

The Salt Lake County Attorney’s Office has formally filed charges against Assistant Park City Attorney Polly McLean and her husband Andrew, an extreme skier and outdoorsman, for absconding with hunting equipment.

The charging documents were filed on Monday against 57-year-old Andrew Fisher McLean and 49-year-old Polly B. McLean. They are both charged with one Count of Theft, a Class A Misdemeanor, and a Count of Criminal Mischief, a Class B Misdemeanor.

The statement of Probable Cause is the same for both defendants, saying that on September 1st, in Salt Lake County, hunter Sheldon “Skip” Roberts discovered that hunting equipment he had installed in the woods had been stolen, including a ladder tree stand, a black mobile tree stand, and a Moultrie Trail Cam.

He checked another trail camera, which recorded the McLeans and their dogs passing by, and nearly 25 minutes later, coming back with the stolen items in Andrew’s backpack. The filling says the couple had cut the cable locks securing the items.

Roberts drove through the nearby Summit Park neighborhood, spotted the dog from the video and followed him to the McLeans’ residence. He reported their address to police.

Unified Police officers identified the McLeans from still shots of the video. They executed searches of the couple’s two homes. Polly directed officers to one of the stolen tree stands, which was up a trail by their Summit Park house. Searching their other house in Lamb’s Canyon, officers found the other tree stand behind a shed and the trail cam strapped to a tree.

The court docket for the McLeans doesn’t indicate, at this time, that they have a scheduled date for their initial appearance in court.