Colby School As Bed And Breakfast Gets A No-Go From Snyderville Planning Commission

Jun 25, 2020

After months of discussion, the Snyderville Planning Commission Tuesday night denied a Conditional Use Permit to convert the former Colby School Building into a Bed and Breakfast.  

The applicants for the Colby site proposed to turn the building into a B and B for eight guests plus a kitchen.

But Planning Commissioners struggled over several meetings with a requirement saying that for the business to be considered a Bed and Breakfast, it has to be an owner-occupied residence.

On Tuesday, with the applicants asking for a decision, the Snyderville Commissioners said the proposal couldn’t get over that threshold.

Deputy County Attorney Jami Brackin reviewed some of the Findings of Fact underlying the Motion to Deny.     One noted that the owner of the property is a business, not a person.       

“No 3—that the applicant has not met the threshold on how an LLC as an entity, which can own, but they have not shown how the LLC will occupy the building as a residence.  No. 4—The ownership interest as proposed by the applicant is not sufficient to meet the criteria of an owner-occupied residence.”

Among the comments, Planning Commissioner Canice Harte explained why the proposal wasn’t crossing the threshold for him.      

“If the applicant had, in their application, shown that it was gonna be owner-occupied, then we would have responded to that appropriately.  And we asked for it several times.  The closest we got to that was the explanation of that the onsite manager would have some sort of interest.  But it was also made clear that if that person was terminated or chose to leave or whatever, the business arrangement was that, that interest could be revoked.  That’s not owner-occupied.”

Planning Commissioner Canice Harte.

The vote to Deny was 6 to 1, with Crystal Simmons dissenting.