Congressional District 1 Forum Part 2

Jun 15, 2018

Candidates for Utah's first congressional district seated from left to right (D) Kurt Weiland (D) Lee Castillo and (UUP) Eric Eliason.

  The Park City Unit of the League of Women Voters hosted the candidates for Congressional District 1 in a forum in Park City on Thursday June 14th. Democratic candidates Kurt Weiland and Lee Castillo as well as United Utah candidate Eric Eliason were all in attendance. The Incumbent Republican Rob Bishop did not respond to invitations to the event.

Part 2 features the candidates giving closing remarks as well as answering the following questions

"It's been said the justice system is racist, do you think it is racist and why?"

"We have a $1 trillion deficit this year, is this good for the U.S.? And if not, what should we do about it?"

"While this is currently a state issue, the federal government might weigh in at some point. Please comment on the medical marijuana initiative"

"Utah and the Western United States has incredible beauty and wildness, should that be preserved or even expanded? And what changes, if any, should be made to allow mining, milling and development, in what is currently protected land?"

"What's your stance on net neutrality?"

"What are your top 3 goals fro your first year in office?"

You can find part 1 posted below.