Cool Science Radio - September 24, 2105

Sep 24, 2015

Credit KPCW

Today’s first guest is Suresh Venkatasubramanian, Associate Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah. Software may appear to operate without bias because it strictly uses computer code to reach conclusions. That’s why many companies use algorithms to help weed out job applicants when hiring for a new position. But a team of computer scientists from the University of Utah, University of Arizona and Haverford College in Pennsylvania have discovered a way to find out if an algorithm used for hiring decisions, loan approvals and comparably weighty tasks could be biased like a human being.

The second guest is Chris Johnson, Ph.D. Director, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, Distinguished Professor, School of Computing University of Utah. Chris is presenting a panel at the Future in Review conference on Wed., October 7 entitled “Exploratory Visualization for Pattern Discovery.