Coyote Lane in Heber City Closes for Reconstruction Until At Least June

Mar 2, 2021

One of Heber City's gateways to outdoor recreation, Coyote Lane, will be closed for several months this spring as it undergoes extensive renovations.
Credit Google Maps

Coyote Lane will be closed for reconstruction through June while crews work to improve the road servicing the far northern part of Heber City. 

The construction will require detours for vehicles accessing the neighborhoods nearby. Trailhead parking will also be closed, requiring hikers and bikers to use different trailheads to access the Coyote trail system.

Traffic detours are located at 500 North off Main Street, 550 East and Valley Hills Boulevard.

Heber City officials ask travelers to plan to use the alternate route for anywhere from 90 to 120 days.

The Coyote Lane Trailhead will also be closed during construction. Wasatch County Trails Director Don Taylor said the Coyote Lane trail's reopening would be somewhat dependent on the snowmelt and spring weather patterns.

"It's not very far from the existing Coyote trailhead down to UVU,” he said. “It's just; I don't know, a 5-minute drive down Highway 40. But yeah, you will need to jump in your car and drive on down to UVU. Up in that top lot is the parking to access those trails at this point." 

Taylor said there are two additional trailheads off State Route 32.

"One, right across from the River View Town Home development,” he said. “And then another one clear up by the Big Cut, it's called. Up top on Highway 32, there's a trailhead there. So, several other access points other than Coyote. It'll mainly just affect the people that have been riding their bikes, and you know directly from those neighborhoods to get to the trail system."

Taylor said they'll reroute a short new section of the trail. He thinks that will happen early this spring. The developer, Momentum, was purchasing trail construction equipment and hired a part-time trail builder.

"He has already been out there flagging those reroutes that will be required so that you can still do the whole Coyote Loop and, you know, go around upper Coyote and come back down into the River View trail system,” he said. “It's just a short new section of trail. But that's planned to be built early this spring as soon as weather permits so that you can still do the full loop." 

Heber City Municipal has placed signs indicating the street closure and reroutes.