Deer Valley Says No Uphill Traffic Or Backcountry Access Allowed

Feb 12, 2021

 Deer Valley has never allowed uphill traffic or backcountry access within their resort boundaries. In response to issues they’ve had with backcountry skiers they’ve recently added language to clarify the prohibition on any uphill traffic inside the resort.

Deer Valley Senior Communications Manager Emily Summers said in an email to KPCW it’s against the law for any skier to enter a closed area within the resort boundaries. Under Park City Criminal Code section 8-2-9, it outlines a Class B misdemeanor offense and refers explicitly to crossing rope lines or entering into closed areas or areas deemed unsafe by the Ski Patrol.

Deer Valley’s mountain safety policies outline that Deer Valley Resort is closed to all winter sports activities at all times except during their operating hours. It is considered trespassing for anyone, with or without a Deer Valley pass, to enter the resort through roped boundaries. Summers said that backcountry skiers accessing the resort through Empire Pass is also illegal, and people who do it are trespassing. Charges could include a class B misdemeanor.

Summers said its considered trespassing to enter the closed boundary through a rope line, and that it creates a safety risk for mountain ski patrol.