Development Director Putt Has Update On Projects In The Summit County Hopper

Jun 10, 2020

Credit Summit County-Pat Putt Community Development Director

During his last regular visit to KPCW, County Development Director Pat Putt brought us up to date on some of the major proposals pending before the county or waiting in the wings.   That’s including the Dakota Pacific proposal for the Tech Park land at Kimball Junction.

Putt said they’re thinking that the revised proposal, to create a mixed-neighborhood use on the Tech Park land, will go to a public hearing on June 23rd.

The Boyer Company plan for the Tech Park  was approved in 2008.  

When Dakota Pacific started to hold work sessions with the Snyderville Planning Commission late last year, their plan contemplated some land exchanges with county land that includes the Richins Building and  the Transit Center.   

Putt said Dakota’s amended proposal  this spring doesn’t include those ideas.      

“When the project was first submitted, and originally reviewed by the Planning Commission, it took a look at sort of a broader neighborhood land plan that include county property, the Richins Library property and some of the other holdings in the area.   The application has since then modified and pulled back to only be addressing the Tech Park land, the lands that are owned by Dakota Pacific.”

Putt said he isn’t ruling out that county land might still be part of the proposal.    But that will not be heard by the Snyderville Commission.        

“And the Planning Commission can’t necessarily speak for the Council, or take action or make decisions on county-owned land.  That’s the purview of the Council.  So the plan has been, again, pulled back only to address their property.  It is possible in the future that, if there are going to be some either sharing of spaces, or connections of spaces or even land exchanges, that could only occur at the Council level.”

Meanwhile, Putt said the proposal for a Neighborhood Mixed-Use Zone will come back to the County Council for a continued public hearing on June 17th.

At the same time, Putt has acknowledged  that developers Nate Brockbank and Josh Romney are asking to change the Snyderville Land Use Map on land near Quinn’s Junction, to shift its use from Open Space and Low-Density Residential to Mixed Use.

He said they submitted an application in March for some 375 acres.     

“And those properties were sort of an aggregation of property up along the Brown’s Canyon area, and then around the southeast flank up into the foothills.  Those would be properties up next to Stock Lumber, and then as you view sort of that Quinn’s Junction/ Richardson Flat area, would be the Mayflower Stichting holdings, which are those areas that work up into the hills to the southeast.  We still have it out for service provider comments.”

Putt said the application doesn’t have a date yet before the Snyderville Commission.    The earliest would be late June or early July.