Early Snow Impacts Traffic

Oct 10, 2018

Lt. Andrew Wright with the Summit County Sheriff’s Department says they’ve dealt with three cases involving down branches since the storm.

“Due to the weather the heavy snow that has been hitting trees that have not shed their leaf’s yet and naturally with the weight that these trees are carrying we’ve had some branches that have broke off and blocked roadways and driveways. We had one report up on Aspen Drive in Summit Park of a tree down across the roadway. That was dealt with I believe by our Summit County Public Works. We had two reports of trees down in Silver Springs area, specifically one of our deputies that responded there happened to have a saw in his vehicle and was actually able to get out and saw these branches off that were blocking driveways and roadways and was able to get the branches cleared from the area.”

Lt. Wright reminds residents that although the early snow is unusual the storm might be a wakeup call to prepare for the winter.

“This is fairly early for us to get this kind of snow. Just make sure that you’re prepared around your home and have the proper tools in your car, a scrapper and just make sure that as you travel down the roadways you pay attention. Understand that with the first early snowfall like this there are hazards that are presented whether its trees that are breaking or debris in the roadway or simply just roadways. With snow and slush buildup we’ve also dealt with a few traffic accidents this morning, slide offs and whatnot.”