Election Preview: South Summit School Board Seat 5

Oct 23, 2018

Credit Summit County

As mail-in ballots arrive in your mailbox KPCW is interviewing local candidates about their platforms. The race for the South Summit School Board Seat 5 features Incumbent Debra Blazzard and challenger Stacy Maxfield.

South Summit School Board Member Debra Blazzard explains why she’s running for re-election this year.

“I have been on the school board for four years and feel like we’re in the middle of some issues that I would like to finish up. The bond that’s coming up and the growth in our district and just address some of that. I have kids in every school and I just like to be a part of the community”

Blazzards opponent is Stacy Maxfield, Maxfield explains why she is running for the school board seat.

“I am very committed to education and to students. I have four children who are all students in the district. I would love to make a difference and try to help students and the staff of the school. It’s a great way to serve.”

Blazzard says her first term on the board gives her the experience needed to continue her job.

“Well just the fact that I have had some experience in the last almost four years now. Learning how the policies and procedures work and just learning everything that you need to know and going to all the classes they have about being on the school board. Other qualifications are I’ve done book keeping for over 12 years, I’ve been in real estate, am a realtor. I just love the kids and have a lot of kids at my house all the time so I’m very concerned about them and what happens with them.”

Maxfield says her volunteer experience in the district has helped prepare her to be on the board.

“I have a degree in environmental biology and industrial hygiene. I actually was raised here in this valley and attended school here. I volunteered in many different aspects of this school including site council for the elementary and middle schools. I’ve been in the PTO, I know a lot of the issues facing the district and I would just like to help in any way I can.”

Blazzard says the main difference between she and Maxfield is Blazzard’s experience on the board.

“Really the only difference is that I’ve been on the board for four years and have a little bit more experience. She’s awesome, she would do an amazing job. She has a vested interest in the school district and in the community as well. She would be amazing also.”

Maxfield says her work experience will be helpful if the districts proposed 2019 bond passes.

“Debra Blazzard and I have very similar views on many different things. I think that I bring a new perspective. She’s been on the school board, so I’m not biased based on past decisions. My work experience gives me some different background with the environmental engineering aspects where there are potential issues with building on property that has environmental implications.”

That’s Stacy Maxfield, she’s running for South Summit School Board Seat 5. Her opponent is incumbent Debra Blazzard. Both women said they would support the upcoming South Summit School bond, likely to come before voters in 2019. For more election coverage in the Wasatch Back visit KPCW.org