FEMA Employee Working On Coronavirus Response Tests Positive For COVID-19

Apr 7, 2020

An employee of the Federal Emergency Management Agency working on coronavirus response efforts at the agency's Washington headquarters has tested positive for the virus.

The employee tested positive on Monday. FEMA says it's now disinfecting its workspace.

The employee did not have prolonged contact with people on the White House coronavirus task force, the agency said in a statement.

"At no time did this individual, or any others known to have contact with them, come within six feet of any other Task Force principal for a prolonged period of time," the statement said. "Additionally, all areas visited by Task Force members were disinfected prior to their visits."

Last month President Trump announced that FEMA, which is best known for coordinating responses with state and local governments to natural disasters, was "fully engaged at the highest levels" in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

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