Final Canvassing For Summit And Wasatch Counties Due Tuesday November 20th

Nov 15, 2018

While Election Day happened over a week ago, results across the state and even in the Wasatch Back have remained too close to call.

Republican Tim Quinn and Democrat Meaghan Miller are separated by less than 400 votes in the Utah House 54 race, candidates and their supporters are encouraging voters to check the status of their ballots. Meanwhile statewide Proposition 4, which would create an independent re-districting commission to prevent gerrymandering is separated by less than one-half-of a percent.

At the state website Vote.Utah.Gov voters can check if their ballot has been process or if there’s an issue. If voters do see a reported issue with their ballot the best course of action is to call your respective county clerks.

Jessika O’Brien with the Summit County Clerk’s office says they’ve received a few calls from people concerned about their ballot.

“The best thing to do is just call our office. In addition to that we’ve found that Vote.Utah.Gov is the state’s website and we’ve found that its not all the way up to date. We’ve had a lot of people calling and say it’s not showing anything, but we did receive and count their ballot already. If people have questions about that the best thing to do is just call us and we can look it up pretty quickly.”

The clerk’s office has alerted those who do have issues with their ballots that need to be resolved.

“While we were processing if for some reason there was some kind of issue like a signature issue. Like they didn’t sign, or it didn’t match, we mailed letters out to all those people.”

If you’ve received a letter from the county clerk’s office, you should contact them immediately as time is running out.

“In the letter at the bottom was an affidavit that needed to be signed and they could mail it back. If people still have those, the fastest way to get those back to us would be just to e-mail them. So, if people have that and they want to get it back to us they can call us, and we can get them some e-mail addresses to get it back as quick as possible.”

Final results will be certified by Utah counties on November 20th, this coming Tuesday. They will then be certified by the Lt. Governor’s office on November 26th.