Former Park City Mayor Plans Vail Protest

Jul 11, 2016

PC Hill has a new "mark"
Credit Dana Williams

Dana Williams, former mayor of Park City, is planning a public gathering at city hall Wednesday afternoon.   He says it's a way to "welcome" Vail Resort CEO Rob Katz.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has more:

*Update:  Kristin Kenney Williams, Vice President of Mountain Community Affairs for Vail Resorts gave this response to KPCW's request for a reaction to the planned rally:  "As we've said, we understand that the community has concerns and why we've offered and are carrying through with working with anyone who thinks our trademark application impacts their business - again, we don't think anyone needs assurances from us but we are willing to put in writing those assurances if they want.  And to our knowledge, no one who has a trademark concern for their business has not been talked to and addressed by us.  We have also carried through with actions to clear up local confusion by referencing Park City Mountain or Park City Mountain Resort. We also said we understood if the City or anyone in the community ultimately wants to file an objection to our trademark - and of course if anyone wants to express their positions publicly in a protest, they have that right, too."