Grace Potter Rocks The Pop Up Stage In City Park On Friday

Jul 11, 2018

Grammy nominated singer song writer, and multi- instrumentalist, Grace Potter performs on Friday at City Park for the second of the Big Stars Bright Nights concert series. Carolyn Murray has this:

Rock and Roller, Grace Potter brings her band and lots of original music to the City Park pop-up stage.  She’s touring through the summer to a handful of locations around the west and a final show in her home state of Vermont.

“The weekend before Park City, we’ll be way up in Northern California in Quincy at the High Sierra Music Festival. The day after Park City, we’re taking another trek up into Telluride, Colorado. Then we’ll be in Montana and ultimately, we’re going to end up in Vermont, my home state, for my music festival, Grant Point North.”        

Her baby boy will travel with her on the road.  She says their recent trip to Washington DC, where she performed at the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra, indicates he’s very amenable to the traveling lifestyle.

“My husband is an incredible help and he and Sagan have a wonderful bond. They certainly know what to do. They hang out and dance side stage and they watch Mom doin’ her thing.  And so as the band arrives and we start rehearsals, I imagine he’s going to be in a lot of people’s arms.”

The five piece band will accompany her on tour.  Most of her performance will be her own music pulled from her last five albums.

“Yea, it’ll mostly be my music…we always like to throw a cover in there…at least one or two. But for the most part, as I’ve created this career, it’s incredible.  I’ve been going back through the songs and I realize I have a huge artillery of songs to choose from.  So, we’ll be narrowing down what is going to be the most fun, summer time rock and roll show and making sure we hit on a few crowd favorites.”

Potter says she’s working on a new album in her home studio. Cables and equipment are strewn throughout her home but she’s pleased with the product coming from her own studio.   

Grace Potter and her band will be in Park City on Friday.  The show opens in City Park at 6 pm. Tickets start at $49.00. Go to or call the box office at 435-655-3114.