Hoytsville Property Owners Ask For Village Overlay Zone

May 7, 2019

Credit Summit County

Summit County’s planning department has received its first proposal for Village Overlay zoning on the East Side.

County development director Pat Putt said that in late April, they received a request for an Overlay zone from 28 property owners in Hoytsville. In total, they hold a little over 1,000 acres.

Putt said the proposal will go to the County Council on May 22nd. He explained what will happen from there.

“Council at that meeting will review the study area boundary, ratify that boundary and formally appoint a land use committee to begin the land planning for that area. So, that committee will consist of up to three planning commissioners, five representatives of those 28 property owners, county staff, regional sort of infrastructure stakeholders, so that’s going to likely be representatives from the fire district. It’s going to probably be some of the water companies, the water providers, that are in that area. Once that committee is formed there will be a land plan.”

Putt added the land plan, if approved, will be the basis for zoning decisions.