Innagural Live Like Sam Day Launches Thursday

Oct 7, 2019

Sam Jackenthal
Credit Ron Jackenthal

The Live Like Sam Fund, managed by Park City Community Foundation, is teaming up with US Ski & Snowboard for an inaugural day of celebrating Sam Jackenthal this Thursday.

This month marks four years since the death of Sam Jackenthal. The teen was an internationally ranked freestyle skier who died following a ski accident in Australia in 2015. Sam’s father Ron Jackenthal founded Live Like Sam to celebrate Sam and his impact on those who knew him.

“We feel like Sam’s left such a positive legacy on so many; that let's continue to celebrate his life,” Jackenthal continued. “Celebrate his legacy. All the good he's bringing to the current generation and hopefully generations to come.”
Jackenthal says the foundation helps support young athletes.

“We provide scholarships, both needs based and merit-based scholarships, within the community,” Jackenthal explained. “We are providing exciting scholarship opportunities with our community partners. We've got about 30 partners; you can see them on our web page. Last, we're piloting character-based education. Focusing on positive characteristics that Sam was really known for: inclusivity, positively, sportsmanship. We've done an initial pilot on anti-bullying that we're starting to socialize with organizations like Park City Ski and Snowboard or US Ski & Snowboard, for their club distribution.”

October 10th is the Inaugural Live Like Sam Day. The organization along with US Ski & Snowboard is inviting people to participate by doing one of three things and share their action on social media. Participants can perform a random act of kindness, donate ski/snowboard gear to those in need, or answer a question about how Sam and Live Like Sam has impacted their life.

“This really came about from conversations and cooperation with US Ski & Snowboard,” Jackenthal said. “We were trying to figure out how with our partnership we could honor Sam and have a platform to do something of substance. It was really their team that drove the conversation.”

After capturing a video or photo of your participation in Live Like Sam Day the organization asks you to share it on social media and challenge three friends to participate as well. You can find more detailed instructions on Live Like