Intermountain Healthcare Prepares to Postpone Some Elective Surgeries

Nov 19, 2020

Park City Hospital
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Hospitals in Utah are nearing 88% ICU capacity. Health officials consider 85% capacity to be full after factoring in things like availability of staff and PPE. 

Intermountain Healthcare has already started to postpone some surgeries in hospitals down in the valley. But they haven’t had to cancel any surgeries in their Park City or Heber Valley Hospital locations.

In spring, hospitals took a blanketed approach and cancelled all elective surgeries. In a press release from Intermountain, Rob Ferguson, the senior medical director of surgical operations, said the healthcare system will be taking a “fine-tuned” process at each hospital.

The targeted approach will allow hospitals to balance the needs of patients with the resources available. It will also free up beds and allow healthcare professionals to care for patients with and without COVID-19.

Although they haven’t started to cancel elective surgeries in Park City or Heber, Lance Madigan with Intermountain said that it could still happen if there is an outbreak in either area.

Hospitals will still perform surgeries for urgent situations and emergencies.

Anyone whose surgery has been postponed will be directly notified. And all postponed procedures will be rescheduled once the surge of COVID-19 cases subsides.